The Family Care Network Medical Testing Center offers special screenings that help your doctor identify health issues and diagnose disease. 

Although our center is part of Family Care Network, any licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant can refer patients to us.

We encourage all individuals to visit with their physician to discuss their health and concerns they have before any of these tests are ordered, to make sure they are needed and appropriate.

Test Descriptions:

Diabetic Eye Exam: A special camera is used to detect abnormalities in the eyes. This test is especially important for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Early detection and treatment can prevent 95% of diabetes-related vision loss. The eye exam only takes a few minutes, and does not require dilation of the eyes. Diabetic eye exams can be scheduled online at

Diabetic Eye Exam Online Scheduling How-To Video >>

Home Sleep Apnea Testing: Obstructive sleep apnea is a major problem of disordered sleep due to blocking of the airflow at night while a patient is sleeping. This test allows a person to be in their own bed at home, while they have their sleep test to diagnose and rate the severity of obstructive sleep apnea. You have a short visit with us to learn about the testing and equipment. We then fit it to you and show you how to put it on before sleep. You bring it in the next day, and the data is reviewed by a sleep specialist to interpret the results.

Bone Density (DXA) Scans: This test is done to assess the mineralization and strength of the bones in order to diagnose osteoporosis (weak bones that are at risk of fracture from minor injury). The test is painless and rapid, using the latest, state of the art technology. When osteoporosis is diagnosed, treatment is possible to prevent worsening and help to strengthen the bone and prevent fractures. Abigail de Gouveia, PA-C supervises and directs bone density testing. She is a Certified Clinical Densitometrist (CCD) and provides interpretation of DXA scans and VFA (vertebral fracture assessment) studies.  

Holter Monitor Testing: A Holter monitor is a machine that continuously records the heart's rhythms. The monitor can be ordered for 24, 48 or 72 hours. Electrodes (small conducting patches) are placed on your chest and attached to a small recording monitor. You carry the Holter monitor in a pocket or small pouch worn around your neck or waist. The monitor is battery operated. While you wear the monitor, it records your heart's electrical activity. You should keep a diary of what activities you do while wearing the monitor. After you have worn the monitor for the presribed amount of time, you return the monitor to us. The doctor will look at the records and see if there have been any irregular heart rhythms. It is very important that you accurately record your symptoms and activities so the doctor can match them with your Holter monitor findings. There is no special preparation for this test. You'll be told how to replace the electrodes should they fall off or become loose. Please tell us if you are allergic to any tape or other adhesives. This is a painless test.  You must keep the monitor close to your body.  You should continue your normal activities while wearing the monitor.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Testing: This test is an innovative way to assess blood pressure readings throughout a 24-hour period, to make sure the diagnosis of blood pressure trouble is made accurately, or to assess if treatment is adequate. The test is done by fitting the patient with a blood pressure cuff that is connected to a small device which is worn by the patient as they go about their normal daily activities. The results are then analyzed and sent to the patient's physician for decision making.

Body Fat Analysis: This fast, easy and affordable test can be an aid to achieving fitness and making important lifestyle and wellness choices. Excess body fat can increase your risk for hypertension, cadriovascular disease, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions. Our state of the art scanning equipment measures bone density, lean and fat tissue mass and body-fat percentage far more acccurately than the standard calipers body-fat measurement. Results are calculated for each part of your body, as well as the whole. The test is performed by a technician. Results and a guide for interpretation are available within 20 minutes. Patients may self-refer, including non-Family Care Network patients.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, call (360) 756-0382.


Family Care Network is a physician-owned company that has a financial interest in the ancillary services provided in our facilities, such as clinical lab services, diagnostic testing, or specialty care. You have the option to use an alternate facility for services ordered, and will not be treated differently if you choose to do so. We will provide a list of appropriate alternate facilities if you want to receive services elsewhere.