FHA doctors accepting new patients

Jan 21, 2020

Family Care Network’s Family Health Associates in Bellingham has two providers accepting new patients! Kaeley E. Kaplan, MD and Karena L. Whitworth, MD offer primary and OB care.

Maintaining your health by yourself can leave holes in what you should know. That’s where a primary care provider comes in. A PCP acts as a partner in your health care plan, preventing many health concerns before they happen.

 “I can't imagine not having a primary care provider. The medical system is so complex, and treatments and medications are changing all the time,” Dr. Kaplan said. “Each person has a unique medical history and deserves the thought and attention of their primary care provider, someone who knows them, to help guide them through a difficult [health] problem.”

Whether you have a chronic condition that needs managing or you need preventive medicine to maintain an optimum level of health, a PCP can help.

Dr. Whitworth said her role as a physician is to advise and support her patients while allowing them to be the main director of their health.

She believes there are two main philosophies about being a family physician: the patient and the doctor are partners in health, and preventative medicine is the foundation of a healthy life.  

Additionally, Dr. Whitworth and Dr. Kaplan can provide a high level of care throughout pregnancy and delivery.

“The entire process of pregnancy through delivery and newborn care will never cease to astonish me,” Dr. Kaplan said. “Watching people become parents is such an amazing thing. It's unique and meaningful every time.”

To make an appointment at Family Health Associates with Dr. Kaplan or Dr. Whitworth, please call (360) 671-3900.


Karena L. Whitworth, MD







Kaeley E. Kaplan, MD