Help researchers track COVID in your community

May 27, 2020

If you’d like to contribute data to a study that helps you see accurate daily COVID estimates in your community, there’s an app for that!

The COVID Symptom Study is a secure app that tracks the spread of COVID-19. It was developed by Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard and Stanford Universities, and Kings College in London.

“At this time, the app needs additional participants in Whatcom and Skagit County to create accurate local data,” said Family Care Network’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jim Hopper. “Answering a few questions each day gives valuable information that can be used to understand the spread of COVID-19 and plan a response.”

Dr. Hopper said he likes the app because it is easy and quick to enter information (about 1 minute a day) and does not collect user data for marketing or sales.

According to the app’s website, the data you submit is protected under the more restrictive “General Data Protection Regulations” used in Europe. They can only use your data for the purpose you consent to. The app collects data to help medical science and healthcare providers better understand coronavirus.

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