New Patient Information

We formed Family Care Network to provide the best possible primary healthcare for families here in our corner of Northwest Washington, as well as to give our physicians the resources and support they need to succeed. As a locally owned and independently operated healthcare network, we're free to focus on what matters most—the health and well being of you and your family.

Services we offer: 

  • Primary healthcare for all stages of life, from pregnancy through adult care (including well-child and adolescent care and adult exams).
  • Urgent care services in Bellingham (evenings, weekends and holidays) and Mount Vernon (Monday-Saturday), including onsite lab and x-ray services.
  • Comprehensive fitness evaluation, including pulmonary function studies, exercise treadmill testing, flexibility assessment, and diet evaluation.
  • Diagnostic studies and specialty consultation.
  • Accident and injury rehabilitation, including both trauma- and sports-related injuries.
  • Obstetrics & family planning.
  • Outpatient procedures performed in the comfort and familiar surroundings of our office, including flexible sigmoidoscopy, colposcopy, cryotherapy, EKG, respiratory treatments, emergency repair of wounds, application of casts and splints, and removal of warts, moles, cysts, and ingrown nails.
  • Hospital visits and assisting in surgery at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center when needed.

What is family medicine?

Family Medicine is the "people" specialty that focuses on your primary medical care. We form relationships with you and your family to help you stay well, screen for problems, and treat illness and injury. Experts estimate that approximately 90% of the health concerns that people consult physicians about can be most efficiently and competently managed by a family-care team of people who come to know you over time.

Although one physician will be your primary family doctor, we work closely together as a team to offer you greater availability and a broader spectrum of medical knowledge than a single physician can provide. We recognize that each person has responsibility for his or her own health, and our goal is to partner with you to help you meet that responsibility. When proper medical care requires consultation with other specialists, we consider it our responsibility to aid you in that decision and to support the process with timely information and collaboration.