Coronavirus reaches the Pacific Northwest

Mar 03, 2020

An increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in our region has many people concerned.Family Care Network wants to reassure patients and family members that we are prepared to handle this virus with the same commitment to high quality, compassionate care that we provide every day.

As you hear more about COVID-19, please keep in mind:

  • For now, the risk of contracting the virus is low in our immediate area.
  • The majority of people (80%) who contract this virus experience minor illness that does not require medical assistance.

As front line health care workers, we need to take certain precautions to keep staff safe so they can continue to serve you. These precautions also protect you and other patients who need to be seen for other health concerns.

If you have flu-like or respiratory symptoms:

  • Please, call ahead. This applies to urgent care and clinic visits.
  • We have protocols in place to triage you by phone or in your car prior to being seen in the clinic.
  • After regular clinic hours, please call your primary care office to speak with the provider on call PRIOR to seeking care at an urgent care center or emergency department. (After-hours on call numbers for FCN clinics are available here.)
  • These precautions protect you, our staff, and other patients.

We will continue to work closely with health agencies, other community providers and local hospitals to ensure we are following all recommendations related to this virus. We are actively monitoring for any changes that may affect our patients.

Our top priority has always been to provide safe, timely, medically appropriate care to all of our patients. We are working hard to ensure that our clinics continue to be safe places for all patients to access appropriate ongoing medical care, not just coronavirus-related care.

If you'd like to learn more:

We also recommend the following resources for current, trustworthy information about COVID-19:

We will post updates to our website and social media accounts as new information becomes available. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.