Medical Testing Center closing Dec. 31

Dec 30, 2021

Family Care Network recently made the decision to close the Medical Testing Center at the end of 2021. This affects only the following services:

  • Home sleep apnea testing
  • Zio patch cardiac monitoring
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Bone density testing for osteoporosis (DEXA scans)

Other services in the Medical Testing Center building are not affected by this change. Urgent Care, Sports Medicine, Anti-coagulation Services (ACS), x-ray and the lab draw station will all remain open.

The decision to discontinue services was made only after a careful evaluation of the availability of like services in the community. We are working closely with other local healthcare providers to ensure patient care is affected as little as possible during the transition.

Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging (BAMI) will relocate FCN’s DEXA machine to their Bellingham location in mid-January, 2022. Other testing services are available through PeaceHealth, Northstar, and/or Skagit Regional. We are highly confident in their services, and they have our full recommendation.

Patients with open referrals for DEXA scans will be contacted by BAMI to schedule their screening there. Patients with other open referrals will be contacted after the referral has been transferred to another specialist. This process may take several weeks. If you have any questions, please contact your PCP.

Reports of medical tests and/or screenings performed at the Medical Testing Center are available through your PCP’s office. Patients who need DEXA images or technical specifications for DEXA scans performed at FCN prior to 12/31/2021 can obtain them through a records request with BAMI starting in late January, 2022. Please call (360) 255-6330 for more information.

Special thanks to all the patients, staff and providers who supported the Medical Testing Center over the years!