Executive Leadership

Rodney Anderson, MD - President

Dr. Anderson joined Family Care Network in 2009 and practiced at Family Health Associates until he became President in 2019.

James Hopper, MD - Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hopper joined Family Care Network in 1999 as a family physician at Bunks Medical Center, which became Bellingham Bay Family Medicine in 2011. He retired from his full-time clinical practice in 2016.

Lorna Gober, MD - Medical Director of Inpatient Services and Transitional Care

Ryan Honey, MD - Medical Director for Process Improvement

Jonathan Ploudré, MD - Medical Director of Quality

Board Members

Administrative Team

  • Keith Arnzen, MBA - Chief Financial Officer
  • Brian Ecker - Chief Operating Officer
  • Michelle Barrett - Chief Human Resources Officer

Family Care Network Administration:
709 W. Orchard Dr., Suite 4
Bellingham WA 98225
(360) 318-8800